Most people would say that the basic necessities for life are food, clothing, and shelter. But, what about clean air? Without air, we can’t breathe! Without breathing, well, you know where it goes from there. Unfortunately, many people suffer from poor indoor air quality in their homes or businesses. Poor air quality is often only noticeable if you’re paying attention. The air can seem stuffy, stale, or static, and opening all the windows and doors only provides a temporary fix.

Identifying the source of the poor air quality is the first step toward a more permanent remedy. For example, if the occupants use a lot of chemicals, have pets, or smoke indoors, they may be a major contributing factor. If there is an air conditioning unit with standing water, mold, or dirt or clogged filters, that’s no good. These are relatively simple things that you can find for yourself, and there are other advanced issues that a professional home inspection can uncover.

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