Unfortunately, because stairs are so commonplace in most people’s lives, they’re often taken for granted, and that overconfidence can cause safety hazards that can lead to injury. If you are a homeowner or employer, keeping your stairways in great condition is an important step (pun intended) toward counteracting that overconfidence.

For example, do you regularly inspect the stairways in your home or business? There are plenty of things to look out for. Irregularities can be very dangerous since our brain tends to make assumptions based on repetitive movements like going up or down stairs. If even one step has a different texture than the others or is even slightly higher or lower than the others, it can quickly become a trip hazard. Are the handrails tightly fastened? Is there any corrosion happening to the metal parts of the stairs, including handrails, bolts, or the steps themselves? Is there plenty of lighting available for each step?

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