When you turn on your hot water faucet in the kitchen, do you expect hot water to come out of it immediately? Most of us probably don’t, since there usually is a lag time while the hot water travels from your water heater to your faucet, but there is actually a way that you can avoid that wait time.

If you are of the impatient sort, installing a hot water recirculation pump will definitely cut down on your waiting time. It will also benefit your water usage, since running the water while waiting for it to turn hot can waste a large amount of water.

So, how does a hot water recirculation pump work? There are two common variations that function slightly differently. One will have a separate loop for hot water that is constantly pumping from the hot water heater, and the other would use the cold water line as a return line. The second method will require less work to install, but it is also less effective.

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