Listening to the sound of a dripping faucet can drive anyone mad, but that is usually just for the reason that the sound is annoying. There is another reason for you to dislike a dripping faucet. Did you know that just a single faucet where a drop escapes once every second will waste about 3000 gallons of water in a year? You can do the math for whatever your situation is, but the numbers can get staggering. This gives you one more reason for wanting to have it fixed. Often the fix for a dripping faucet isn’t very difficult. It might be as simple as replacing a gasket or a seal. If you have some experience working with plumbing, you could do it yourself. It is important to be careful when working with water, since forgetting to turn off the water before you start working on your faucet could turn this simple project into a major cleanup. If you are due for replacing your faucet, you can get a new one fairly inexpensively, and it is not a very complicated project either. 

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