We all know how lead-based materials are a risk to your health. Those most vulnerable are babies and small children. Should you be concerned about the possibility of lead in your home being dangerous? How much of a problem does it pose?

Homes built around 40 yrs ago or more were probably painted with lead paint. Both inside, as well as the exterior of the house as well.

Lead piping can also be found in your homes plumbing system, which means drinking water could also contain lead.

Lead paint chips or paint dust could be in the soil around your home.

There’s a good chance that any old furniture may also contain lead paint.

When does lead in the home become an issue?

A big issue can be lead dust. If and when paint is knocked, scratched, or sanded, this causes dust. As dust will settle anywhere it can, it becomes dangerous as the household touches areas of this dust. It is especially bad when children touch it and breathe it in.

When lead paint is in very good condition, then it isn’t so much of an issue. However, when the paint begins to chip and peel, something must be done about it.

When coming in from the yard outside, there is a danger of treading in soil containing lead, which would be transported on shoes and boots.

What can be done about the lead in your home if you have it? In the next blog, we will discuss this.

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