Do you have a fridge that also has an ice-maker and filtered water? It seems to be a more and more common feature, but unless you have a water supply for the fridge, it is not going to be very useful. Needing a water supply line for your fridge does limit your options for how you want your appliances placed. You can’t really have a line running across the floor, and maybe you don’t want to pay the cost for having a dedicated water line run under the floor or inside your walls. That means that you would need to place it where you can connect it easily to the water lines under your kitchen sink. It is important to plan it out well since a busted water line can spell disaster in your kitchen. It is a good idea to have a shut-off valve easily accessible for the line to the fridge in case the worst would happen. It could be easy to damage the water supply line when moving the fridge from its location for some reason.
Having an ice maker might be very convenient, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do any work to keep it functioning. Cleaning it out well periodically will ensure that the ice you get from it doesn’t taste strange. Just avoid using chemicals since you don’t want those ending up in your drink.

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