“Wouldn’t it be nice to have a deck in the back?”
That sentence has been the beginning of many projects, and millions of decks are built or replaced each year. Unfortunately, a large number of decks are unsafe or outright dangerous.
When building a deck you need to think, not only of the weight of the deck itself, but also that of the people that will be on it, as well as furniture, possibly snow and in some cases a hot tub. The weight of a full hot tub alone can be as much as 5,600 pounds, so the construction of the deck that is supporting it is crucial.
With the number of people that might be on the deck at one time, a collapse could lead to serious injuries. Most injuries come from a rail failure, since there can be a large number of people leaning on the rail at once.
Bearing this in mind, spending the time researching the correct way to build a deck and using quality materials is very important.